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Wisdom Teeth Extractions

People seem to have a natural anxiety when they need to have surgery. This is very common and is even more pronounced when regarding oral surgery. Despite this, there are many times when surgery becomes necessary for the continued health of the patient and to ensure their overall health. Tooth extractions is one of those dental procedures which do create anxiety for people when they realize they might need to have a procedure done. Whether through trauma or tooth decay a tooth extraction can become necessary to restore the overall health of the oral cavity. Wisdom teeth are the most frequently extracted teeth.

When other options have been exhausted, an extraction can be the answer. Contact us today at Fairmount Dental Center to find out more about the extraction process.

Are Extractions Necessary?

Unfortunately, tooth extractions can become the only solution to a patient’s oral health needs. There are different types of extractions. The first kind is what is termed a simple extraction. A local anesthesia is used to make sure the patient is adequately desensitized to the procedure and comfortable. Gentle pressure is employed by the use of forceps to draw the tooth from the supportive gum structure. Once free, the empty socket will typically heal completely within a few days.

The more involved procedure is known as a surgical extraction. This is the type of extraction needed when removing wisdom teeth. It utilizes the same general concepts as the simple extraction does. The surgical procedure begins by making an incision along the gum line of the tooth which needs to be extracted. When the tooth is too deeply embedded in the jawbone it is called an impacted tooth. This often occurs with wisdom teeth. These, oftentimes, need to be broken into more manageable sections before they can be fully extracted. A moderate level of sedation is used in order to make the procedure safe and keep the patient calm and pain-free during surgery.
When our team performs the initial exam and assesses whether you need your wisdom teeth extracted, it is a distinct possibility we may find other issues, such as periodontal disease, which will also need to be addressed.


Though it is sometimes hard to believe, dental practices have been in place for centuries. These practices also include oral surgeries. The first extractions were done out of necessity and were crudely performed with less than sanitary conditions. In those days if a patient complained of a toothache, the tooth was simply pulled. Even if it had no decay or signs of trauma, it was always the solution.

Although the ultimate solution may indeed be an extraction of your wisdom teeth, especially if they are impacted, other solutions will be attempted to save the tooth prior to recommending it being pulled. If the tooth has to be pulled, we will recommend a soft diet and rest to allow the site to heal properly. We also will recommend patients continue to brush and floss taking care around the empty socket.

If you are wondering if you need to have your wisdom teeth extracted, please come see us at Fairmount Dental Center. You can also call us.
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