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Dental Implant FAQ
Salem, OR

Diagram of dental implant in lower jaw from Fairmount Dental Center in Salem, ORAs we inevitably grow older, our bones, as well as teeth and gums, weaken. With teeth becoming loose and potentially falling out, dental implants might be necessary. If you are suffering from any of this, do not worry as you are not alone. According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, over three million people in the U.S. have chosen dental implants. Furthermore, this number is increasing by roughly 500,000 each year.

Getting a dental implant can be stressful to think about. Below we have listed some common questions asked by patients so you can feel assured and have all of the information you need. At Fairmount Dental Center, we strive to make our patients the happiest, so should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us for answers from our experts.

Should I Get a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are a popular choice among many people and there is a long history of dental implants; however, each case should be considered before getting an implant. For example, if you have any gum diseases, those will need to be treated first. To support the implant, a healthy jawbone will need to be present as well. If you have smoking or drinking habits, please consult a dentist first as your oral health can be negatively affected by those habits.

Is It Painful?

There are some negative stereotypes about dentists and dental procedures, and you might know some. However, just like the majority of other patients, the level of discomfort will be a lot lower than whatever you anticipated. During the surgery, anesthesia will be given, and after that, anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing medications may be prescribed.

What are the Benefits?

Compared to alternatives to dental implants such as dental bridges, getting an implant is much better because it has fewer side effects and longer-lasting benefits. With an implant tooth, you will never have to worry about dental decay on that tooth since implants are made with titanium. Your chewing and biting abilities will be restored, and the implant’s natural look will improve your appearance and smile. Your new teeth will also be highly customized to your jaw and teeth, so they will be very comfortable.

How to Recover from an Implant

Depending on your body, health conditions, number of teeth that require implants, if a tooth extraction is needed first, and many other factors, the entire healing process varies greatly. Generally, it takes a few months. Avoid strenuous activities and keep up with regular brushing and flossing. There is a small risk of the gums getting infected, so proper care and visits to the dentist are needed.

What is the Cost?

The exact procedure, number of treated teeth, and your insurance plan greatly affect the total cost. On average, the price of a single tooth implant can range in cost, depending on various factors. Mini dental implants may also be an option. We can explain dental implants vs mini dental implants during your consultation. Although it may seem expensive, the long-term discomfort that comes with damaged or missing teeth will always be more costly.

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Dental Implant FAQ - Dentist Salem, OR - Fairmount Dental Center
At Fairmount Dental Center, we strive to make our patients the happiest, so should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us for answers from our experts today!
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