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What Can A Dentist See From Dental X-Rays

Posted on 5/9/2022 by Fairmount Dental Center
What Can A Dentist See From Dental X-RaysAlso known as radiographs, dental X-rays are images of the teeth that a dentist uses to evaluate your oral health. While taking X-rays, the hard, mineralized teeth' tissues block some of the radiation. As such the heavily calcified areas will appear lighter in color. A dentist is able to see the outer covering of the teeth or the enamel, as well as the underlying dentin layer. He or she can also see the pulp chamber where there are nerve tissues. Normally, a dentist recommends getting X-rays after every six months in order to detect problems in the gums, teeth, and jaws early on. When oral problems are treated before they become serious it may help save money and prevent discomfort. However, what exactly can be seen during a routine X-ray examination?

Problems X-rays Spot

X-rays are commonly taken in both kids and adults to spot different issues and ensure the teeth are developing and growing properly in the mouth. Within children, dental X-rays help determine if there is adequate space within the mouth to allow teeth to erupt properly. A dentist is also able to see developing decay and whether wisdom teeth are beginning to emerge. Additionally, X-rays allow a dentist to see if the teeth are impacted or are unable to push through the kid's gums.

When it comes to getting X-rays for adults, many problems can be detected. Many dentists use X-rays to check if there is tooth decay, however, there are other things that radiographs can detect. A dentist can also look for decay occurring beneath existing fillings. He or she can also see whether there are changes in bone structure arising from an infection. X-rays in adults can also check for bone loss within the jaw and the condition of the teeth before a tooth implant is placed. Other things that can be spotted are cysts, abscesses, and certain tumors.

Dentists usually suggest standard X-rays during routine checkups. However, some patients can get X-rays if they complain of oral pain and discomfort before their routine visit to a dentist. Through X-rays, a dentist can diagnose the problem, even when the issue is not clear from visually checking the mouth. Come to us to have your mouth and teeth checked for oral problems.

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