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Clenched Teeth Can Lead to Dental Cracks

Posted on 7/12/2021 by Fairmount Dental Center
Clenched Teeth Can Lead to Dental CracksOur teeth can handle a lot of pressure; they handle it multiple times a day, every day. But that does not mean that they are fine if you are clenching them or grinding them consistently. Excessive force is one of the things that help to degrade your teeth because of increased and frequent pressure. Our jaws are so powerful that we can create microscopic cracks in our teeth when we grind them together or clench them for extended periods.

Symptoms of Already Cracked Teeth

It can be hard to identify if you have cracks in your teeth, especially if you have recently begun to clench and are unaware that you have started. Or if you have begun clenching in your sleep. However, just as with all dental discomfort, there are some signs that you should consider coming in to see us to address a clenching issue. If you are experiencing headaches, neckaches, jaw or ear discomfort, ringing in the ears, or sensitivity when eating food—you may have some cracked teeth. The only way to really know for sure is to have a professional check for you.

How Can I Stop Clenching?

Stopping the action is harder than it seems, but not impossible. First, we must identify that clenching or grinding is actually the issue. Secondly, we need to try to find the source of why the behavior started. This behavior can come from increased stress or anxiety, other dental discomfort, or just from a gained habit (like clenching your mouth shut at work). Luckily, once we find the root of the behavior, the clenching can be addressed directly. This can mean relaxing more if it comes from stress, finding and fixing other dental discomforts, or introducing a bite guard during sleep or while you work.

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