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Nighttime Oral Hygiene Routine for a Better Morning

Posted on 3/8/2021 by Office
Nighttime Oral Hygiene Routine for a Better MorningMany bad, smelly things can happen in your mouth in the 8 hours at night. Bacteria throws a party, and cheeky plaque jumps from tooth to tooth. Don't even get us started on tartar! While you have a restful sleep, your mouth does the disco. Never thought about your oral hygiene in such a way, did you? The good news is that your oral health can be maintained even when you are asleep.

While brushing your teeth in the morning is a given, most people don't think about doing it at night. Fairmount Dental Center helps patients by directing them with the ultimate teeth care routine so that they can have beautiful smiles for life. Dr. Luisa Snyder and are dedicated to showing people how brushing your teeth can go a long way in making your morning better and brighter.

Tips on How to Make Your Mornings Fresh

Your nighttime oral hygiene routine should follow four steps:
•  Brush: Use ADA-approved fluoride toothpaste. Follow the right brushing techniques, and make sure to brush for at least 2 minutes. If possible, switch to an electronic toothbrush as it removes plaque more effectively. Choose an electronic toothbrush with a rotating-oscillating head.
•  Floss: Brushing is not enough! If any food particles get left behind in your mouth, bacteria double at night if you don’t brush. Flossing ensures that plaque doesn’t find any room to take hold of your teeth.
•  Mouthwash: Always pick a therapeutic mouthwash over a cosmetic one. The latter only removes bad breath, whereas the former creates a fresh environment in your mouth that maintains the entire night. The ingredients in a mouthwash strengthen your teeth and prevent gingivitis.
•  Scrape Your Tongue: You can use your brush or floss to scrape your tongue. There are special tools that clean your tongue better and are strongly recommended by professionals. One of the best things about tongue scarping is that it improves overall sensation.

Maintaining a nighttime oral hygiene routine prevents tartar. This buildup of plaque cannot be removed by brushing or flossing. At Fairmount Dental Center, Dr. Luisa Snyder and can help you get your pearly whites bright again. To schedule an appointment, call at (503) 362-8364.
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