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What Is the Best Method for Discovering Cavities?

Posted on 1/25/2021 by Office
What Is the Best Method for Discovering Cavities?Most people do not experience pain in the initial stages of a cavity, and a cavity diagnosis may surprise them. Cavities, commonly referred to as tooth decay, result from the accumulation of plaque in teeth. Plaque comprises bacteria, food particles, acid, and saliva. The plaque attaches to the teeth surface, and the acid in it begins to wear out the enamel. A weakened enamel increases the risk of tooth decay. This process is gradual, and most people may not know they have a cavity until they start experiencing pain. To prevent tooth loss from cavities, you should check for cavity symptoms and consult us if you suspect a cavity.

Signs You Have a Cavity

To discover a cavity, check for symptoms such as tooth sensitivity, pain, staining, or a visible hole in your tooth. Tooth sensitivity to temperature is due to enamel wear. The affected tooth will also have a brown or black staining as a result of the decay. As the cavity increases in size and reaches the pulp comprising the nerves, you will start experiencing a toothache. At this point also, the cavity is usually visible on the tooth.

Treatment and Prevention of Cavities

If you suspect a cavity after experiencing any of the above symptoms, you should schedule an appointment with us for diagnosis to confirm the presence of the cavity. During your appointment, we will physically observe your teeth and take your tooth X-ray to determine the cavity's extent. We will then administer a restorative treatment such as fillings or crowns, depending on the damage. Tooth cavity, if detected early, is easier to treat and will save your natural teeth. Therefore, you should maintain regular cleanings and exams at least twice a year. You should also keep your mouth healthy through regular brushing and flossing to prevent plaque buildup. For more information on cavities, contact our office today.
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