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Best Three Places to Store Your Toothbrush

Posted on 8/10/2020 by Fairmount Dental Center
Best Three Places to Store Your ToothbrushToothbrushes can be breeding grounds for bacteria after they are used. Therefore, you need to store your toothbrush in a cool and dry place protected from contamination.

Where You Don't Want to Store Your Toothbrush

One of the worst places to store your toothbrush, after you use it, is in the bathroom near the sink or toilet. If you want to keep your toothbrush safe from bacteria, do not store it in the bathroom. Rather, it is better to store it in the medicine cabinet, although this should not be your first choice either. You need to let the toothbrush air dry and keep it away from any spot where it can easily trap germs. If you store your toothbrush next to the toilet and the sink, that can easily happen.

Where to Store Your Toothbrush

Probably the best place to store your toothbrush is on a shelf in your bedroom, or, if you store it in the bathroom, in a far corner, safely away from the toilet and the sink. You might also store it in a large closet where it is cool and dry. Try to keep it out of a humid and enclosed environment for any length of time. After you brush your teeth, rinse your toothbrush and shake the water from it. Position it upright in a stand or a cup. Do not store it in close proximity to other toothbrushes, or allow it to come into contact with them.

We want to ensure your dental health. Therefore, take the necessary precautions when it comes to storing your toothbrush and any related dental accessory. Keep your toothbrush in a place where it will easily dry and separate it from the toothbrushes of the members in your household. If you have not had a checkup or cleaning in a while, give us a call. Keep your toothbrush in a safe place so you can enjoy better dental health.
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