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Unexpected Foods or Drinks That Stain the Teeth

Posted on 3/10/2020 by Office
Unexpected Foods or Drinks That Stain the TeethYou may be eating foods that you feel are safe to eat, with respect to staining or dental decay. However, some foods and drinks can surprise you, as they contain compounds or acids that lead to discoloration or staining. The following information discusses what foods and drinks cause staining that may seem innocuous to you.

Some of the Surprising Tooth-staining Foods

One of the main culprits that stain the teeth are tomatoes or tomato-based products or sauces. Not only are tomatoes highly acidic, their bright red color can stain the teeth. Besides tomatoes and tomato sauces, you have to be careful about curries, another type of food that produces dental stains. Even clear sodas can stain the teeth because of their acid content. Foods that contains a high amount of acid strip the enamel, which leads to discoloration and cavities. Other foods that stain the teeth include berries, such as blackberries and blueberries, and sports drinks. Popsicles and hard candies are also not kind to the teeth.

Foods that Lead to Whiter Teeth

If you want to prevent stains, you need to focus on eating foods that whiten and brighten the teeth. These foods neutralize acids and clean your teeth during meals or snacks. Milk and cheese are two of these foods. Both dairy products promote saliva production, which neutralizes acids, and washes away the particles that causes stains. They also contain calcium, which strengthens the enamel and teeth. Apples, too, are another food that prevents stains.

That is because apples contain malic acid, which encourages saliva flow. The peelings of apples scrub away the food particles that trigger stains and decay. Another natural whitening food is the pineapple. That is because the fruit contains bromelain, an enzyme that is also included in commercial teeth-whitening products. Other teeth-whitening foods include broccoli, celery, and carrots.

As you can see, you can keep your smile whiter by what you eat. You can also prevent problems with staining with regular dental visits. Contact us today to arrange an appointment and a consultation.
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