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Why Does a Dry Mouth Do So Much Damage?

Posted on 12/10/2018 by Fairmount Dental Center
Why Does a Dry Mouth Do So Much Damage?Dry mouth occurs when the salivary glands no longer produce adequate amounts of saliva. For some people, this can be a temporary condition that will resolve on its own. For others, dry mouth is a chronic problem caused by an underlying issue, and unfortunately, it can damage the mouth. By understanding some of the ways that dry mouth can affect your oral health, you can take steps to prevent it.

Gum Disease

One of the major complications of dry mouth on your oral health is gum disease. Without enough saliva to rinse bacteria away from the teeth and gums, infection can develop. The gums may recede from the teeth, allowing bacteria and decay to reach the sensitive roots. Ultimately, gum disease could spread to supporting structures and might even result in tooth loss.

Decay and Cavities

When plaque and tartar accumulate due to inadequate saliva production, they'll start to attack the teeth. Dry mouth allows these substances to stay on the teeth, which can ultimately lead to cavities that require fillings and other procedures to treat.


The foods you eat and beverages you drink can lead to teeth staining, and dry mouth increases this risk. If you want your teeth to remain white and beautiful, it is important to receive appropriate treatment for your condition.

Fortunately, you don't have to live with dry mouth, and there are treatment options available. Some things you can do on your own, like chewing on sugar-free gum to stimulate saliva production and increasing your water consumption to keep yourself hydrated. In other cases, we can recommend saliva substitutes to keep your mouth well lubricated, and we'll also get to the bottom of what is causing your dry mouth.

Whether you are suffering from dry mouth or its simply time for your next appointment, we are here to help. Give our office a call today.
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