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Problems with Toothbrushes with Stiff Bristles
Salem, OR

Posted on 11/15/2017 by Fairmount Dental Center
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What if we told you that the kind of toothbrush you use is actually important for oral hygiene? Well, it is! Toothbrushes with hard, stiff bristles are not very good to, or for, your teeth. Think about the last time you bought a toothbrush.

It does not matter if you were seriously perusing the dental care aisle at your local department store, or grabbing one at the dollar store after forgetting to pack yours before going on vacation.

Chances are, we are sure, that you did not think about the softness or stiffness of your toothbrush. Most people simply look for the cheapest one they can find. Or the fanciest. Or the coolest. You get the idea.

Why Soft Bristles?

People tend to think that using stiff bristles are best because they seem to aid vigorous brushing, leading to squeaky clean teeth. While they will certainly scrub the grit off of your teeth, there are some serious problems with toothbrushes with stiff bristles.

The stiff bristles of toothbrushes can cause gradual damage to your tooth enamel, which protect your teeth, and cause receding gums, which, of course, hold your teeth. Receding gums are an early sign of gum disease. Remember, protective enamel and gums cannot be remade, so you have to protect them and preserve them for years of future eating.

It is important and smart to do a simple cost-benefit analysis here. Say there are two people. One person uses a hard bristle toothbrush. The toothbrush works well and gets all of the grit off his or her teeth. However, after a certain amount of years, this person notices that his or her gums are receding, causing a trip to an oral surgeon and a hefty bill.

Another person uses a soft bristle brush, and it accomplishes the same goals as the hard bristle brush, but does not cause the pain and damage it. This person never incurs a large medical bill.

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