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How Can You Tell if a Filling is Coming Loose?

Posted on 10/20/2017 by Office
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The tooth filling you have is not a permanent solution to a gaping tooth hole. It is a temporary quick fix to prevent further damage to the dentin, where bacteria can penetrate the pulp or nerve fibers.

As the nerve fiber is the center of your tooth, having the hole filled with a dental filling is the best solution your dentist can provide to save them from being extracted. It also prevents cavities from forming and food particles from getting stuck

How to Tell if Your Dental Filling is Coming Loose

One of the primary indications that your tooth filling is coming loose is the unusual feeling you get when your tongue brushes through the teeth. It tells you that something is odd as it goes through its contours and edges. The sensitivity of your tongue to your teeth is a primary cue to have your dentals checked by our professional dentists.

Pain and sensitivity are also an important sign you have to look out for. Being overly sensitive to hot and cold temperatures when you chew on food also indicates that the filling may be coming loose. A disturbing pain or even a slight inconvenience can possibly be the cause of a lost filling.

Since a dental filling is not permanent, deterioration is also an important sign that indicates you need to have it replaced. The constant chewing and grinding can weaken the tooth fillings hold on your teeth. When this happens, food particles can easily get stuck in the hole causing further tooth decay.

Dental fillings can last up to 15 years if it were structured and maintained properly. However, even properly maintained dental fillings don't last forever. If your tongue feels something different in your teeth or you constantly feel bothered by pain and sensitivity, we can help replace a loose tooth filling. Get in touch with us so we can help.

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