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Is Hard Seltzer Bad for your Teeth?

Posted on 6/15/2024 by Fairmount Dental Center
An array of alcoholic beveragesIn a world of an ever-growing assembly of fashionable drinks, hard seltzers have taken prime space in the chillers of many homes. Fizzing, fruity alcoholic beverages are now not only given prominence at parties, as they used to be a thing most often consumed by many younger partygoers, but are also considered a healthier option than other alcoholic drinks. But have you ever wondered how they might affect your pearly whites? Let us dive into the dental perspective!

Acidity: A Hidden Culprit

The defining characteristic of hard seltzers that raises a red flag for dental health is their acidity. Most hard seltzers contain carbonic acid that can wear down enamel. Enamel is the hard, protective outer layer on your teeth that does not grow back. Once it is worn away, it is gone for good, leaving your teeth open for decay and sensitivity.

Alcohol Content and Oral Hygiene

Although hard seltzers are often of lesser alcoholic content compared to other drinks such as wine or liquor, alcohol is a natural desiccant. It will dry your mouth, leading to less saliva from the mouth, which is important in neutralizing acids and washing away food particles. A dry mouth can lead to more than bad breath; it can increase your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Sugar: A Double Trouble

Many hard seltzers are marketed as low in sugar, which is good news for your teeth. However, some brands do contain added sugars or fermentable carbohydrates that increase the level of tooth decay. Unquestionably, such sugars are the perfect feast for the bacteria in the mouth, which thrive on them and produce acids that erode the enamel further.

So, does hard seltzer lead to bad teeth? If it is ingested frequently and in large amounts without proper dental hygiene, then yes.

Your Smile, Our Priority

However, as usual, drinks of this sort are best taken in moderation so as not to expose the mouth to injury. Take with water to help neutralize acids and continue with normal oral hygiene practices. Do you need more personalized advice or to receive a check-up? Our dental team is here to help! Book your appointment today to ensure the sparkle of your smile.

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